St.Petersburg tours

Walking sightseeing tour - 3 hours

All of our guides will ensure that you receive the best possible service. Our work is very personal, we have made many tours with very different demands, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will see the most important sights of St. Petersburg: Palace Square, the Winter Palace, the Triumphal arch of the General headquarters, the Admiralty, the Kazan Cathedral, the Dutch and Lutheran churches, the Church of our Saviour on the Spilled Blood and much much more... 

The cost of a group (duration 4 hours):

The group from 1 to 15 pax= 5.000 rub;
15 to 30 pax = 8.000 rub;
30 to 45 pax= 11.000 rub.
Private itinerary?  Please, make a request to personalise it for you!

Bus/ Minivan city tour - 3 hours

The tour includes must -see attractions:

Nevskiy prospect, the Winter Palace, Palace square, Alexander Column, the Triumphal arch, Basil Island, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Peter and Paul fortress, Cruise Aurora, the Church of Resurection, the field of Mars, the Marble Palace, orthodox Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan and unique St. Isaac's Cathedral and others...

Please, make a request for your small/large group


We invite you to visit splendid Peterhof – the capital of fountains and the former summer residence of the Russian tsars which was founded by Peter I in 1705 on the Gulf of Finland!

The whole city reminds us a museum under the opened sky. There are palaces, mansions, ancient ponds, cathedrals, parks, fountains and magnificent architectural ensembles.

There will be the history of  Peterhof road, you will enjoy parks and will visit the Big Palace or other palaces of small architectural forms during our tour. 

Duration 5 hrs

Private or group tours.

Peterhof + Pushkin in one day! The approximate duration of the tour is 8 hrs. Please make a request. 

Pushkin city "The Catherine Palace" 

Pushkin is one of the most magnificent suburbs of St. Petersburg. The building was found in 1717 by the order of the Russian empress Catherine I.

The Catherine Palace is the former Imperial Palace, one of the largest in outskirts of St.Petersburg. The real jem of the Catherine Palace is The Big Hall and a world-famous hall decorated with amber panels and gold leaf -  The Amber room.
During our tour we will drive on Tsar's Village road, we will visit The Catherine Palace, The Catherine Park and The Amber room. 
    Duration 5 hrs 
We can organise private or group tours.
Pushkin + Peterhof in one day! The approximate duration of the tour is 8 hrs. 
Please make a request. 

The Hermitage

The Winter Palace is the former official residence of the Russian tsars; it was built in 1762 to the desigh of the architect Rastrelli.
The Hermitage is one of the largest and most important art and history museums in the world. It possesses about three million works of art, monuments, graph, sculpture, artware, collection of coins and archaeological sites. The guests can admire such masterpieces as “Madonna with a baby” by Leonardo da Vinchi, “ Saint Sebastian” by Titian, “ Saint Family” by Raphael, ”The Return of the Prodigal son” Rembrandt, “The Apostles Peter and Paul” by El Greco. The visitation of the Hermitage is a must-visit in St.Petersburg!

    Duration 3 hrs
    Private excursion, 1 person (including ticket) -  5.600 rub
   The group of 20 (from 2 till 20) - 5.000 rub
   Radioguide 100 rub
   Entrance ticket - 600 rub

Tours for Indian groups 

The ideal trip plan for Indian groups to Russia, Moscow and St.Petersburg including Indian meals. You are very welcome to our well organised and guaranteed group city tour, with arriving and departuring transfers. We are experienced with hospitality of Indian groups, hence we can plan for your small/large group or individual tour a complex sightseeing package ,giving free time to explore the city individually.
  The tour can include Russian folk show, Russian circus, splendid outskirt palaces,  entertainments for children, shopping centres and much much more...

Please, make a request.

Educational tours for Indian students in Russia

Our company operates with Indian and Russian universities; we do provide cultural and educational exchange programms:
   We offer the educational tours for Indian students with visiting universities in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Erevan (Armenia). There are many spheres and our focal point is medical and engineering directions. We can help with organising visa-support for Indians as well as dealing with paper work.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Cruiser on the the Neva river

The most popular tours among tourists are the boat trips on the Neva river.
Take a ride on the rivers and canals of St.Petersburg!
 There are two options: day and white-nights boat tours, we recommend you to take both. In afternoon you will see delightful architectural ensembles, bridges, channels, majestic palaces and monuments, you will be fascinated by the unique night panorama of the embankments and the well-known navigation of the central bridges in the Northern capital. You will get the brightest impressions from magnificent architecture and the magic Petersburg white nights.

 A day ticket is 500-800 rub (per person), duration 1hr
 Guiding 1 hr - 1000 rub
 A night ticket - 1000-1200 rub (per person), duration 1,5
Guiding 1,5 hr 3000 rub

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