Moscow tours


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Day 1

Metro tour and Arbat street.

Metro is actually a part of sightseeing in Moscow. Many of the stations are considered to be masterpieces of architecture. You'll be surprised how beautiful the stations are, most of them devoted to the idea of international friendship and piece.

Arbat street is a popular place, a small pedestrian street where many cozy souvenir shops are situated. This place will surprise you by human talent represented by arts, handcraft works, music and magic tricks performed there. Just enjoy the walk and explore international restaurants located there.

Day 2

The Red Square and Kremlin.

The main landmark of Moscow is a historical center where you can see spacious square, where festivals often take place, GUM luxury market, the Mausoleum of Lenin,

breathtaking cathedral of St Basil and moreover understand why the square is called Red.

Kremlin is the most significant place where history of Moscow began. Enjoy the view of Mr Putin's office, beauty of old cathedrals, exciting legends related to unique architectural masterpieces of Tsar times. Explore it after a little walk in beautiful Alexander Garden.

Day 3

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Victory park and Sparrow Hills.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is the main spiritual center in Moscow as well as in overall Russia. Enjoy the view of modern church inside and walk in a small garden near by. There you can also explore the view of many important landmarks from the bridge.

So called Sparrow Hills have a legend which will be revealed to you in bird 's eye view at the time you observe Luzhniki stadium. This is the stadium where FIFA match 2018 as well as Summer Olympic Games 1980 took place. It's one of observation platform opening a beautiful view of legendary University, one of Seven Sisters built by Stalin.

Victory Park is another sight where you can touch Russian history of different times. You'll enjoy spacious territory full of historical Hills, fountains and monuments dedicated to war.


- Izmailovo complex, so called second Kremlin, is a fantasy which will open you amazing architecture typical for old times. You will breathe the spirit of old times walking in a fairy castle. There you'll also find a small flee market near by.

- The oldest circuses in Russia "Moscow circus"

The program can be changed according to your ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Halaal Russia tour! 

We accept Muslims groups from all over the world.    

We know the specifics of working with Muslims groups; there is a special approach to feed tourist groups:

  • Food is only Halaal
  • Fish menu is an option
  • We provide Halaal certifications in Moscow and in St.Petersburg
  • The feeding of groups is organized in Halaal restaurants (Uzbek or Indian restaurants)
  • Some restaurants have prayer rooms
  • Visiting the Cathedral Mosque in Moscow and in St.Petersburg
  • Visiting the museum of religions in St.Petersburg (Muslims in Russia)
  • Visiting imperial palaces in suburb area of St.Petersburg

and much much more…

The program can be planned under your request, please contact us.


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