Moscow tours

Red Square /The Kremlin / Cathedrals

During the tour you will see spledid must-see attractions and you will hear stories and legends from our dynamic and enthusiastic  expert city guides.

What you will see:
  •  Red Square
  •  The area of the Kremlin 
  •  St. Basil's Cathedral 
  •  State Universal Mega Mall shopping centre (GUM) 
  •  Alexander garden 
  •  Tsar Bell and Cannon
  •  Sobornaya Square 

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Duration 4 hrs (min 3 pax) 
Price $50  

Moscow river cruise

We recommend you to explore the city from the Moscow river side by Radisson Royal. You will get the opportunity to see historical buildings and monuments from a different angle that will allow you to make the unique photos.  

What you will see:
  •  Kremlin,
  •  Novodevichy Convent,
  • monument to the Peter I,
  • chocolate plant " Red October"
  •  the story of the main river in Moscow "The Moscow river" ,
  • Novospasskiy Friary,
  • The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour,
  • Luzhniki Stadium
  • The house of the government of the Russian Federation
  • The central house of an artist 
  • The town hall and many other attractions...
Duration 2,5 hr (min 3 pax)
Price $40

The armory chamber

The Armory Chamber is the Moscow Museum-Treasury which is the part of the Grand Kremlin Palace complex.

The Armoury chamber preserves ancient state regalia, ceremonial clothing and Royal coronation dress, vestments of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, on of the largest collection of gold and silverware made by Russian craftsmen, West European artistic silver, the monuments of arms skill, Assembly of crews, items of ceremonial horse harness.

Duration 1,5 hr (min 2 pax)
Price $ 55
Entry ticket 700 rub

Kremlin in Izmailovo 

The Izmailovo Kremlin is not a castle and not a monument of architecture as one might think by the name, but this is the historic-architectural and cultural-entertainment complex.

There are the most famous and popular crafts and the informative and educational tours, introducing the history, traditions, culture, crafts of the Russian people.

There are next museums on the territory of Izmailov's Kremlin:
  • The Museum of bread;
  • The Museum of folk arts;
  • The museum of the history of the Russian Navy;
  • The museum of miniatures "history of the world in clay";
  • The museum of animation;
  • The museum of ill-mannered children;
  • The museum of chocolate;
  • The museum of pastille;
  • The museum of Russian vodka;
  • Flea market
Duration 3 hrs (min 3 pax)
Price $40

Tsaritsyno museum-park

The "Tsaritsyno" manor is a magnificent old architecture of the museum and a huge picturesque Park.

There is the greenhouse complex on the territory of the "Tsaritsyno",
which includes 3 greenhouses: the First and Second greenhouse building and Grape greenhouse.

There you will admire the collection of decorative and applied art of the peoples of the USSR. You will delight beautiful flowering plants, you will feel the aromas of spice plants. Our guide will introduce you to the permanent expositions of the Grand Palace and the Bread house. You will hear the story of the construction of the residence, restoration of palaces, the presentation of the iconic exhibits of the collection.

Duration 3 hrs (min 3 pax)
Price $35

The museum of the Cold War "Bunker 42"

The Bunker-42 is a military historical museum and entertainment complex, established in the former classified military object of the USSR. The Museum is an underground bunker with an area 7000 m2 at a depth of 60 meters.

During the tour:
  • Story about the beginning of the Cold war
  • The Japanese city Hirosima and Nagasaki
  • The history of rocketry
  • The layout of the first Soviet atomic bomb in full size
  • Significant scientific discoveries
  • The construction ounderground facilities in the USSR
  • A short film about the Cold war
  • The imitation of explosion of a nuclear bomb and launch nuclear missiles.
Duration 3 hrs
A group of 5 pax minimum
Price $95

Russian circus

Nikulin's circus is one of the oldest circuses in Russia. The capacity of the circus is 2000 seats. You will see amazing preformances, splendid and coloured costumes, gymnasts, acrobats with clowns, dancing monkeys, trained dogs, Siberian tigers and many other gorgeous

Duration 4 hrs (min 3 pax)
Price $50

Tours for Indian groups

The ideal trip plan for Indian groups to Russia, Moscow and St.Petersburg including Indian meals. You are very welcome to our well organised and guaranteed group city tour, with arriving and departuring transfers. We are experienced with hospitality of Indian groups, hence we can plan for your small/large group or individual tour a complex sightseeing package ,giving free time to explore the city individually.

The tour can include Russian folk show, Russian circus, splendid outskirt palaces,  entertainments for children, shopping centres and much much more...

Please, make a request.

Educational tours for Indian students in Russia

Our company operates with Indian and Russian universities; we do provide cultural and educational exchange programms:

We offer the educational tours for Indian students with visiting universities in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Erevan (Armenia). There are many spheres and our focal point is medical and engineering directions. We can help with organising visa-support for Indians as well as dealing with paper work.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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