Family dinner with Russian family

What do Russians prefer eating?

Russian cuisine consist of delicious soups, a variety of cereals, jams, pickles, fragrant pastries.

Occupying the first place in the world in terms of territory, Russia has absorbed elements of culture of many nations, including culinary traditions. Popular Russian food includes traditional Russian recipes and dishes of other Slavic countries. Borsch is typical for Ukrainian cuisine, but in every Russian restaurant it is presented in the menu. At the hospitable table you can taste traditional home-made dishes, learn more about local customs, talk heart to heart and ask the most exciting questions. Taste homemade pancakes, handmade dumplings and other traditional Russian dishes. Immerse yourself in Russian culture and taste local drinks (berry juice, kvass, Mead, local beer, vodka, cranberry liqueur). Both meat eaters and vegetarians will find a dish to their liking in Russian cuisine. After dinner the hospitable hostess will offer guests to taste tea from a samovar including local sweets.

Join the Russian way of living!

Duration of the tour is 5-6 hrs

The price of the tour:

1 person
8.000 rub
2 persons
4.000 rub
3 persons
3500 rub



Being in Russia, you must taste Pelmeni!

Russian dumplings (pelmeni)

For the first time pelmeni began to cook in the Urals more than 600 years ago.  
The recipe is simple — the mixture of meat mince (beef, lamb or chicken), wrapped in an envelope of unleavened dough. Dense dough is kneaded on the basis of eggs, flour and water. Dumplings are boiled in boiling salted water, a black pepper is added with peas and put a couple of bay leaves. It serves with or without broth. As seasonings and sauces are used mustard, sour cream or butter.In everyday life dumplings are prepared by the whole family. Usually the dumplings cook for a few meals. The part is boiled immediately, and the other part is frozen.
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